*Prices quoted are in Canadian funds and do not include taxes.  If delivery is outside of Greater Vancouver, B.C., cost of delivery is additional.  Due to the commodity  nature of raw materials, prices are subject to change without notice.

Kitsilano Model

Single Bin System


​Approximately 3' wide by 2 1/2' deep by 2 1/2' tall.  

​CAPACITY: Approx. 18.75 cu. ft. (531 litres). 

This system is typically used by those with a private residence venturing into composting. We often have repeat customers of our single bins wanting to expand upon their systems.

Double Bin System

Approximately 6' wide by 
2 1/2' deep by 2 1/2' tall.  

CAPACITY:  Approx. 37.50 cu. ft.(1060 litres).

The double is our most popular size for private residences. If you have a large amount of garden materials and kitchen scraps, the double bin system is for you. While one bin is breaking down your green materials, the other bin contains ready to use compost for your garden.

The Superior Experience

  • ​Lined with 19 gauge galvanized rodent-resistant wire mesh
  • Easy access to finished compost
  • ​Made with Western Red Cedar
  • ​Hinged lids with back supports that hold them open
  • Star-shaped knobs for removal of front panels
  • ​Long life expectancy and strong durability through weather

Triple Bin System

​Approximately 9' wide by 2 1/2' deep by 2 1/2 ' tall.

​CAPACITY: Approx. 56.25 cu. ft. (1590 litres).

This system is ideal for those with large landscapes and garden beds. This system is very popular with community gardens and co-op housing / apartment complexes as it handles a large volume of compost effectively.

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